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Mulwarree Stock Horse & Pony Stud

Adrian and Wendy Spencer along with their children Isabella, Hugh and Ben have been breeding, breaking and riding horses all their lives. The horses used at Mulwarree have been an integral part of running the Ironbark Hereford Stud, as all stock work is done on horse back. 


The Stock Horses.

The Stock Horses used for our day to day running of a Commercial and Stud Hereford business have been selected on a number of criteria: 

 Soundness and Structural Correctness - they must be able to withstand the work load of long ridden days.

Calm Nature - this allows a horse to be trained and makes riding them a joy. 

Athletic Ability - for a horse to excel and be at the top of a chosen sport he must have the right breeding.

We usually have registered Australia Stock Horses and unregistered reliable station horses for sale

 The Ponies

The Spencer children have owned some wonderful ponies throughout their lives, that have safely and kindly taught them to ride. We now breed, break and educate ponies knowing the importance of that first Lead Rein Pony or the type of nature a child’s Second Pony needs to be, or the sort of pony needed for the showring or pony club. 

Please view our Pony Sale Stock.


With this life style our horses and ponies have done the long hard days under saddle, this is so important when making a good horse and often neglected.

Mulwarree Stock Horse and Pony Stud is situated 6km south west of Barraba NSW Australia where the Spencers run the Ironbark Hereford Stud. Visitors are always welcome!




‘Mulwarree Stock Horse & Pony Stud’
Mulwarree Road, Barraba NSW 2347
Phone: 02 67 821041 Mobile: 0429 659 767 (Wendy)

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